Experienced Legal Counsel For Complex Business Matters

Regulatory Guidance For Businesses In The Cannabis Industry

Since Massachusetts legalized recreational cannabis in 2016, numerous cannabis-adjacent businesses have taken root and thrived. Many, however, continue to encounter regulatory roadblocks. That’s no surprise, given the complexities of the regulatory framework at the state level and the fact that cannabis remains a controlled substance at the federal level. Successfully navigating those issues requires skilled and proactive legal guidance.

A Strong Background In Heavily Regulated Industries

At Swain LLC, I offer experienced legal counsel to businesses in the cannabis industry. A significant portion of my legal background centers on providing guidance to companies in heavily regulated industries such as alcohol and cannabis.

Proactive Strategies And Effective Defenses For Cannabis Companies

Whenever possible, I take a proactive approach to help clients implement compliance plans or address gaps in their existing compliance framework to avoid headaches down the road. I also defend clients against investigations and enforcement actions.

My clients include both plant-touching and nonplant-touching businesses in the cannabis industry such as:

  • Dispensaries
  • Distributors
  • Growers
  • Investors
  • Cannabis-related service companies

Frequently, I become involved after regulatory issues arise. In those cases, I can not only help businesses address the weighty possibility of regulatory sanctions, but also advise them on policies and procedures to implement going forward so they don’t find themselves in that situation again.

In addition to regulatory matters, I also represent cannabis clients in litigation and appeals involving all kinds of business-related disputes.

Learn More About Working With Me

As a business lawyer, I’m committed to helping my clients succeed and overcome any regulatory or legal obstacles that stand in their way. To learn more about how I can help your cannabis business, please call 617-802-4991 or reach out online. I offer free consultations.