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Representing Businesses In Investigations And Enforcement Actions

Government investigations and regulatory enforcement actions are fraught with danger for any business. An adverse outcome can lead not only to harsh monetary penalties, but also a damaged reputation, a drain on business resources and dampened employee morale.

A robust, effective compliance program is essential to the success and survival of any business. It helps avoid costly and intrusive government investigations and enforcement actions. If, however, a government agency initiates an investigation or enforcement action, it is imperative that you hire an experienced lawyer to protect and fight for you.

My Extensive Experience Defending Businesses

At Swain LLC, I represent and defend businesses from a range of industries in connection with government investigations. I combine the valuable experience coming from a large-firm background with the more cost-effective services of a solo practice.

I understand the high stakes involved in investigatory and enforcement actions. When you work with me, you can gain peace of mind knowing the business you have worked so hard to build is in capable hands.

Internal Investigations

Often, the best response to a government investigation involves hiring an attorney to conduct an internal investigation and, when appropriate, self-disclose the findings to the relevant authorities. I have extensive experience conducting internal investigations into a wide range of regulatory violations, particularly for heavily regulated industries such as alcoholic beverages and legal cannabis.

I also help businesses address allegations of fraud and financial mismanagement. Upon completing an investigation, I recommend institutional changes to remedy misconduct in a manner that satisfies government regulators and investigators.

For example, I have helped businesses identify and remedy illegal sales practices, hone in on the individuals involved in the misconduct, and decide on appropriate, proactive remedial actions, ultimately avoiding significant penalties that otherwise would have been inevitable. Finding the root cause of the issue – and assuring the relevant government authorities that the problem has been identified and resolved – is key to a successful outcome in such investigations.

Defense Against Enforcement Actions

I also defend businesses in regulatory enforcement actions and offer crisis management advice to mitigate possible reputational damage. Enforcement actions can represent an existential crisis for businesses that require a license to operate, and require a seasoned regulatory lawyer and an experienced investigator to work tirelessly toward the best possible outcome.

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